Building Scope of Works Report

This report details the work required on a new construction project, renovation or repair.

Why get a Building Scope of Works Report?

Our building scope of works reports provide property owners with a detailed list of defects on a property that require
rectification to prevent further deterioration of a building or property. The repair of these defects is thoroughly detailed
in the report.

If you are building a new construction project or renovating your property our building scope of works report will provide
you with detailed information on what work needs to be carried out.

Our Building Scope of Works Reports include the following:

Access: We contact the necessary people to arrange access to the property.

A verbal report: A verbal report is given to you on the day of the inspection.

A written report: A detailed written report is sent to you by email. Photographs will be included in the report where a
site inspection has been carried out.

Support: We are available to speak with you if you have any questions or require clarification on anything within the