Expert Witness Report

This report provides advice to a consumer, contractor or consultant and is carried out prior to legal action taking place.

When required our building inspector is also available to attend court or the tribunal to answer questions relating to his
opinions detailed in the expert witness report.

Why get an Expert Witness Report?

If you are preparing to take legal action against another party for issues relating to a building dispute our expert witness
report will provide you with thorough and accurate written and photographic evidence and advice on the building issues
in your claim.

The report will include where possible supporting information from various sources such as government acts and
regulations and Australian building codes and standards.

Our reports may bring to your attention issues that you may not have been aware of which may help you to decide whether
you want to proceed with legal action.

Our Expert Witness Reports include the following:

Access: We contact the necessary people to arrange access to the property.

Verbal report: A verbal report is given to you on the day of the inspection.

Written report: A detailed written report containing photographs taken during the inspection is sent to you by email.

Estimates: Estimates on the cost of rectification of defects found during the inspection are included in the report when it is possible to do so.

Support: We are available to speak with you if you have any questions or require clarification on anything within the report.